Leo - one of four members of the genus panther (Panthera), belongs to the subfamily of large cats (Pantherinae) of the cat family (Felidae). Body weight of some males can reach 550 pounds, is now the second largest living cat. Cute adult lion tamer swallowed and is pretty smiling in a cage.

Animal wallpapers - Lion tamer ate

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For the people of original and creative is very important subjects of images. This setting your wallpaper can play a very important role, because a picture is installed on the desktop, will be in front of your eyes during the whole of your use of the computer. Images of different subjects have different effects on your mood: it may cause a smile or sad, invigorate or relax, distract, or, conversely, help to concentrate. In addition, your chosen theme will emphasize your best interests and helps you to express your mood. Of course, on this nuance is very difficult to give any advice, it's purely an individual matter, but would like to mention points that you should pay attention. It is necessary to take into account your interests, hobbies, but do not forget about the others, when it comes to your office computer. Also, think about what effect you want from the selected background.

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