All coupes and convertibles from AC Schnitzer could wear branded hinged panels Silhoulette (from the English. - Silhouette). Such models have at their prefix symbol CS (C - coupe or cabriolet, S - Silhoulette). By the name modification sedan just add the whole word Silhoulette. In the body kit consisted of: front spoiler, extended its wings to set the wheels in front and size 9x17 10x17 rear, side skirts, rear spoiler and rear wing, further provides aerodynamic exterior mirrors. Good desktop wallpaper with cars

BMW AC Schnitzer Tension white

Tips on choosing wallpaper, the factor of choice - Colours:
Among other things, is very important colors wallpaper. Tonality of the background screen in many ways can determine your mood and attitude. In principle, in this regard, the selection of pc wallpaper similar to the usual selection of wallpapers. For the home computer is better suited soothing, relaxing colors, such as, for example, green or blue. To work is better to choose a more invigorating tone. Perfect white color, it activates the operating resources and invigorates. Suit and shades of red, but you should not do this color is dominant on the desktop, because it can cause irritation in large doses. "Golden mean" in the choice of tone for the desktop wallpaper will be beige and brown tones, these colors are neutral, and well go up to any screen.

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