Snowboarding is much like a combination of surfing, skiing and skateboarding. We cant really say who invented the sport; many different people discovered ways to slide down a snow slope and credit cannot be given to any one individual.
Extreme snowboarding is a form of Freeride snowboarding that is carried out in extreme terrain, typically containing obstacles such as cliffs, ravines, deep snow, rock gaps and anything else that occurs in a mountain environment. One need to be highly trained to do this sport and it is highly dangerous.

Extreme snowboarding

Tips on choosing wallpaper, the factor of choice - Colours:
Among other things, is very important colors wallpaper. Tonality of the background screen in many ways can determine your mood and attitude. In principle, in this regard, the selection of pc wallpaper similar to the usual selection of wallpapers. For the home computer is better suited soothing, relaxing colors, such as, for example, green or blue. To work is better to choose a more invigorating tone. Perfect white color, it activates the operating resources and invigorates. Suit and shades of red, but you should not do this color is dominant on the desktop, because it can cause irritation in large doses. "Golden mean" in the choice of tone for the desktop wallpaper will be beige and brown tones, these colors are neutral, and well go up to any screen.