The Pink Dogwood tree or Cornus florida is relatively easy to care for. The Dogwood is native to the eastern U.S. and readily grown in the south. This beautiful Dogwood tree is a great part of any landscaping plan. The Pink Flowering Dogwood tree, Cornus florida rubra, has very large pink flowers that appear in the early spring before the foliage comes out. The foliage turns a brilliant red in the fall, followed by bright berries which last into the winter. The trees grow to a height of 15 feet. This deciduous tree is the Classic Single Pink flowering beauty. Very popular and widely planted. Flower of this beautiful tree can easily decorate your desktop wallpaper.

Mac flower wallapers - Pink Dogwood

Tips on choosing wallpaper, the factor of choice - To the eye it was nice:
All the same, probably the most important factor is that the choice of wallpaper. Most importantly, that you chose the image, "pleasing to the eye." First and foremost, of course, you. Choose a picture, look at that you'll be pleased. In this sense, perfectly suited, such as reproductions of great artists. Recognized as a masterpiece of world's great paintings decorate your desktop. It should also be taken into account, the preferences of others, if you choose your wallpaper are designed for an office PC. It is understood that the images should be avoided controversial, daring, challenging, provocative or degrading anyone's dignity. Even if you think you chose a picture perfect, it is possible that someone, it will seem offensive or cause revulsion and respect the opinions of others.

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