Sea during a sunset. The sky over the sea is covered with thick dark clouds, through which punched the rays of the sun that goes down. Photos made in technology HDR, sea calm and not be seen as the waves cover the stranded. Not far from the coast on the rocks is a man. Beautiful sea wallpapers for desktop or iPhone.

Sea wallpapers - sea sunset

Tips on choosing wallpaper, the factor of choice - Message:
Wallpaper can also carry a certain message to the outside world, as if describing the holder or any of his preferences. These wallpapers are original informant about the habits and attitudes of a man who found them. Wallpapers can inform the public about the human passions, its kind of activity or social status. Wallpaper - a kind of window through which others can learn a little bit your inner peace. This gives you the opportunity to formulate a "message" that others "read", and thereby create the desired impression ...

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