Lightning - a giant electrical spark in the atmosphere, typically occurs during thunderstorms, which manifests itself with a bright flash of light and its attendant thunder. Lightning were also recorded on Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. The current in the lightning discharge reaches 10-100 000,000 amperes and 1 000 000 volts, so few people manage to survive the shock from lightning.

Stormy Skies Lightning

Tips on choosing wallpaper, the factor of choice - Message:
Wallpaper can also carry a certain message to the outside world, as if describing the holder or any of his preferences. These wallpapers are original informant about the habits and attitudes of a man who found them. Wallpapers can inform the public about the human passions, its kind of activity or social status. Wallpaper - a kind of window through which others can learn a little bit your inner peace. This gives you the opportunity to formulate a "message" that others "read", and thereby create the desired impression ...

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